our mission

Foster non-profit growth, simplify giving, build endowments, and distribute funds to benefit our community.


Sweet Grass Community Foundation supports the work of local nonprofits and projects through our programs, and we provide an avenue for donors to give in a way that is most meaningful to them.

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Sweet Grass Community Foundation offers grants and programs, that help in the most meaningful way.

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SGCF offers a variety of ways for donors to give that best fit their needs.

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Raw Deal
Community Fundraiser 2020

ASPEN - $2,542.65
BT After School Club - $11,151.55
Crazy Mountain Dog Park - $1,114.33
Crazy Mountain Wrestling Club $747.50
Crazy Peak Cattle Women - $3,807.06
Friends of Dornix Park - $16,100
Friends of the Library - $9,392.32
Hospitality House - $13,781.85
Sweet Grass Ambulance Dept - $5,789.53
Sweet Grass Animal Coalition - $6,772.96
Sweet Grass Arts Alliance - $11,727.57
Sweet Grass Cancer Alliance - $5,438.30
SG Chamber of Commerce - $4,369.02
SG Co. Search and Rescue - $8,934.94
SG Partners In Education - $3,198.27
Sweet Grass Technical Institute - $11,794.68
Sweet Grass Community Foundation - $9.985.49

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Funds will allow us to update one of our rescue trucks. The new truck is fully equipped for our needs featuring a utility body so we can organize our gear better, making us more efficient and safer on rescue scenes. It also comes with a full emergency lighting package and mobile radio which saves us the cost of having to purchase and install those separately.

SGC Search & Rescue