Major Community Project Granting

New Funding Opportunity!

The Major Community Project Granting program was established for projects that will have a significant and positive impact in our community. Funding guidelines are as follows -

  • An access code is required for this application process. Applicants must contact the office for review prior to applying.
  • Projects will have a significant and positive impact in our community.
  • The project helps the organization fulfill its mission.
  • An approved budget must be presented during the application process.
  • Requests are for $10,000 or more.
  • Applicants must be able to describe the impact the program/project will have in our community upon applying, including details of one or more of the following - demographics, economic development, arts and culture, education, community improvement, human services, and/or youth programs.
  • After an application has been reviewed and qualifies, the applicant will be asked to present project details to the full SGCF board.

Organizations must be a 501(c)3, 501(c)6, or a tax-exempt organization to qualify.

If your organization has an upcoming project that may qualify, give us a call!

After Pantry
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"This grant helped us bring ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ to our high school. Students were able to role play and have a discussion about suicide, depression, and resilience. The goal, to diminish the shame associated with suicide and mental illness and bring awareness of depression and suicide to students and staff with SGHS."

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