Major Community Project Granting

New Funding Opportunity!

The Major Community Project Granting program was established for projects that will have a significant and positive impact in our community. Funding guidelines are as follows -

  • An access code is required for this application process. Applicants must contact the office for review prior to applying.
  • Projects will have a significant and positive impact in our community.
  • The project helps the organization fulfill its mission.
  • An approved budget must be presented during the application process.
  • Requests are for $10,000 or more.
  • Applicants must be able to describe the impact the program/project will have in our community upon applying, including details of one or more of the following - demographics, economic development, arts and culture, education, community improvement, human services, and/or youth programs.
  • After an application has been reviewed and qualifies, the applicant will be asked to present project details to the full SGCF board.

Organizations must be a 501(c)3, 501(c)6, or a tax-exempt organization to qualify.

If your organization has an upcoming project that may qualify, give us a call!

After Pantry
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The new helmets were more comfortable for players, easier to maintain and proved to be effective in minimizing head injuries.

SGHS – Herder Football