Fiscal Sponsorship

Are you thinking about starting a nonprofit?
Our Fiscal Sponsorship program allows organizations to focus on their mission and not on 501(c)3 requirements. We provide bookkeeping and administration services to our Fiscal Sponsorship organizations, along with fundraising tips and assistance building policies and procedures.

Fiscal Sponsorship Organizations

Crazy Mountain Wrestling Club

The Crazy Mountain Wrestling Club was formed early in 2010 to increase awareness and particip...

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Sweet Grass Animal Coalition

Sweet Grass Animal Coalition's mission is to reduce the number of unwanted animals entering s...

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Sweet Grass Cancer Alliance

The Sweet Grass Cancer Alliance was formed to support individuals in our community undergoing...

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Sweet Grass County Early Childhood Coalition

Supporting New childcare providers and families with young children in Sweet Grass County. Th...

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The new helmets were more comfortable for players, easier to maintain and proved to be effective in minimizing head injuries.

SGHS – Herder Football