Board Members

Elyse Tuscano

Youth Advisor

My name is Elyse Tuscano, I am a senior at Sweet Gras County High School, and I was chosen to be the Youth Advisor on the Sweet Grass Community Foundation Board. A little bit about me is, I live on a family ranch where we raise cows and a few of them have names of course. I do like being at school and my favorite subject is math. My favorite part about my life right now is having my own business. My business is called ‘EV Threadz’ and I run it on my own when I am not in school. It is an embroidery and direct to film business, allowing me to put whatever you can think of on any type of garment. I am very excited to be apart of this board and have this opportunity to learn.

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This grant helped us bring ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ to our high school. Students were able to role play and have a discussion about suicide, depression, and resilience. The goal, to diminish the shame associated with suicide and mental illness and bring awareness of depression and suicide to students and staff with SGHS.

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