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NEW - Community Impact Granting

The Community Impact Granting program will expand SGCF's ability to make a larger impact in our community.  Applications will be accepted through out the year and reviewed quarterly.  A higher priority will be given to requests that benefit Sweet Grass County, have a substantial impact on our community, and meet important or unmet needs.

Organization's and projects that have work that may take more than one year to complete may apply for a multi-year grant. This option can improve budgeting and increase the chances of receiving the full amount needed.

Up to $25,000 will be granted each quarter!  Applications for the first quarter of 2020 are due March 13th.  Please click on the link above or request an application by emailing cseitz@sweetgrasscf.org

Quarterly application due dates are as follows - March 13th, June 10th, and September 9th.  The 4th Quarter funding opportunities will be determined at a later date.